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Mathematics Kit

Mathematics Kit Junior - 11

Kst 3070 Abacus.
                  Mathematics abacus with numerals extension of number up to one billion
                  (international system).
Kst 3071 Abacus.
                  Mathematics (junior) with beads.
Kst 3072 Algebra identity.
                  (set of 3 identity) (a+b) 2, (a+b+c) 2, (a-b) 2=4ab.
                  This is to demonstrate the complex theorem in a simpler way. So that student can
                  actually touch and feel the identity.
Kst 3073 Base and place value kit.
                  This kit can be used to explain the idea of base value and place value and to
                  demonstrate volume of centimeter cube.
Kst 3074 Cusinaire strips.
                  Group activity for 5 groups.
Kst 3075 Decimal plate.
                  (Set of4).
                  To show the process of multiplication of decimal's with help of square or rectangular
                  grid plate.
Kst 3076 Fraction square.
                  To understand the concept of square fraction and percentage.
Kst 3077 Geometrical models.
                  (ht 3"x1.5base) (plastic). 3 dimensional solid models to understand their properties
                  of sides, vertex and volume.
Kst 3078 Geometry kit.
                  It helps to make all kind of quadrilateral, polygons by arranging multipurpose strips.
Kst 3079 Magnifying measures.
                  To teach metric conversions of inches cm and mm.
Kst 3080 Metric wheel.
                  By knowing the circumference, student can calculate the length of any low distance point.
Kst 3081 Number with plate.
                  This is an interesting activity to teach digit arrangement and their place value.
Kst 3082 Power.
                  (Power of two).
                  To understand the concept of square number, by using the same article student can
                  also learn cartisian coordinates.
Kst 3083 Pythagoras, theorem.
                  By arranging small square pieces to make side square.
Kst 3084 Roman number kit.
                  (Group activity).
                  To teach roman number with the help of roman numerical printer tiles and teacher
                  magnetic roman kit.
Kst 3085 Sit and set.
                  (Set of 6 different combo flat shapes).
                  It is an interesting puzzle to understand. Shapes, size, combination of different flat
Kst 3086 Tangram.
                  This is popularly known'as famous puzzle.
Kst 3087 Triangle kit.
                  (Group activity set of 5 kits).
                  To teach congruency of triangle, classification by there angles and sides.
Kst 3088 Time and work kit.
                  Set of plastic triangle and square pieces of different sizes and colour to create.
                  designs with digital time watch.
Kst 3089 Volume set 50 ml-1000ml.

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