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Pythagoras theorem, Plastic moulds, Magnet fraction disc, geometrical figures, Geometrical instruments
Mathematics Kit

Mathematics Kit Junior - 1

Kst 3010 Abacus wooden 30 cm.
Kst 3012 Charts on arithmatic etc. Laminated size 50x75cm.set of 7.
Kst 3013 Chemical thermometer 30 cm.
Kst 3014 Count your own designer fraction made of rubber.
Kst 3015 Fibre dummy clock for teaching reading of time on a clock.
Kst 3016 Foam set of 72 triangles in 3 colours.
Kst 3017 Game of place value.
Kst 3018 Geo board made of transparent plastic can be used on ohp with rubber bands.
Kst 3019 Geometrical instruments box plastic superior.
Kst 3020 Geometrical stencil: 10 shapes of plane figures size 18x22cm.
Kst 3021 Half meter scale wooden.
Kst 3022 Jug & beaker 50 ml to 1000 ml set of 5.
Kst 3023 Junior Pythagoras theorem. Made of acrylic.
Kst 3024 Kitchen balance unto 5kg.
Kst 3025 Magnet fraction disc with magnetic board.
Kst 3026 Pattern making with plastic triangles of 3 different sizes.
Kst 3027 Plastic moulds: geometrical shapes set of 12with 2pkts of clay.
Kst 3028 Pvc charts for practicing size 67x100cm numerical, multiplication.
Kst 3029 Set of 12 geometrical figures size 5x10cms.
Kst 3030 Set of cups.
Kst 3031 Set of pearl marbles 400pcs.
Kst 3032 Table & graph 2 cm (set of 3).
Kst 3033 Tape for learning measurement 3 meter.
Kst 3034 Transparencies set of 10.
Kst 3035 Wall thermometer on plastic base.
Kst 3036 Wooden skip counting game with marbles.

Mathematics Kit Senior, Pythagorus Theorem, Mensuration Kit, Charts for upper Primary