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Educational Cd-Romís on Mathematical, Black Board Instrument Boxes. Mathematical Charts, Geometrical Models & Shapes Wooden, Geo Boards
Mathematics Kit

List of Items for Math's. Lab

                  Black Board Instrument Boxes.
Kst 3151 All Plastic In A Box "Star" Brand Superior Plastic.
Kst 3152 Very Superior Plastic "Gem" Brand.
                  Educational Cd-Romís on Mathematical.
Kst 3153 Interactive Mathís for:-
                  Class 01st    Set of 1 Cd-Rom.                                            Class 02nd    Set of 1 Cd-Rom.
                  Class 03rd    Set of 1 Cd-Rom.                                            Class 04th    Set of 1 Cd-Rom.
                  Class 05th    Set of 1 Cd-Rom.                                            Class 06th    Set of 2 Cd-Rom.
                  Class 07th    Set of 2 Cd-Rom.                                            Class 08th    Set of 2 Cd-Rom.
                  Class 09th    Set of 3 Cd-Rom.                                            Class 10th    Set of 3 Cd-Rom.
                  Class 11th    Set of 3 Cd-Rom.                                            Class 12th    Set of 3 Cd-Rom.
Kst 3154 Volume Relationship Set.
                  Geo Boards Wooden Size 30x30 cms.
                  Geo Boards with Geo Pins & Rubber Bands. The Most Durable, Warp-Proof Wooden
                  Geo Board. Geo Boards Is Used For Creating The Shapes & Designs With The Help
                  Of Rubber Bands. The Geo Pins Are Crafted With Wood For Safety Without Any Sharp
                  Edges. Super Sturdy Pins Make This Geo Board Ideal For Students.
Kst 3155 Circular.
Kst 3156 Rectangular.
                  Geometrical Models & Shapes Wooden.
                  Cone, Square, Prism, Hexgagonal Prism, Pyramid, Cylinder, Sphere,S Etc.
                  All Arranged In a Box.
                  Set of 12 Shapes In Multi Colours.
Kst 3157 Size 12" X 6".
Kst 3158 Size 6" X 4".
Kst 3159 Size11/2"X3".
Kst 3160 Size 6" X 4" Fiberglass (Set of 12).
Kst 3161 Size 6" X 4" Fiberglass (Set of 17).
                  Mathematical Charts 1.
                  Mathematical Charts Printed On Polyart Plastic Untearable Sheet Size 75 X 100 Cm.
                  Fitted With Plastic Rollers. (Weather Proof and Washable With A Markable Surface)
                  Set of 12 Charts
Kst 3162 Algebra.
Kst 3163 Data.
Kst 3164 Formulae for Shapes.
Kst 3165 Fractions, Decimals & Percentage
Kst 3166 Geometry.
Kst 3167 Investigation.
Kst 3168 Measures.
Kst 3169 Money.
Kst 3170 Number.
Kst 3171 Patterns.
Kst 3172 Shape.
Kst 3173 Time.
                  Mathematical Charts 2.
                  Set of 9 Charts
Kst 3174 Chart on Trigonometry.
Kst 3175 Co-Ordinate Geometry
Kst 3176 Graph of Trigonometry Function.
Kst 3177 Plane Figures-Polygone & Circle
Kst 3178 Plane Figures-Quadrilaterals
Kst 3179 Plane Figures-Triangles
Kst 3180 Three Dimensional Figures
Kst 3181 Transformation Geometry
Kst 3182 Trigonometry Ratio & Values
                  Mathematical Charts Printed Rexine.
                  Mathematical Charts Printed On Untearable & Wrinkle Free Rexine
                  Size 125x100 cms fitted with Rollers.
Kst 3183 Conic Sections
Kst 3184 Curve Tracing
Kst 3185 Fractions & Decimals
Kst 3186 Generating Lines Ruled Surfaces
Kst 3187 Geometrical Form
Kst 3188 Graphs of Circular Functions
Kst 3189 Measurements
Kst 3190 The Central Conicoids & Paraboloids
Kst 3191 Time
Kst 3192 Volume Integrals
                  OHP Transparencies on Mathematics.
Kst 3193 verhead Projector Transparencies.
                  Set of 50 Transparencies.
                  Portraits of Great Mathematicians.
                  Matt Canvas Laminated On 8 Mm. Nuwood Board. Weather Proof And Washable
                  With A Markeable Surface With Brief Life Sketches.With "Pvc Normal" Frame Size
                  31 X 43 Cm. Approx With Decorative "Abs Moulded Delux" Frame 37 X 50 Cm.
Kst 3194 Archimedes
Kst 3195 Aryabhatta
Kst 3196 Bhaskaracharya
Kst 3197 Eukleides (Euclid)
Kst 3198 Euler
Kst 3199 George Cantor
Kst 3200 Issac Newton
Kst 3201 J. C. Friedrich Gauss
Kst 3202 Lady Lovelace
Kst 3203 Lagrange
Kst 3204 Laplace Leonard
Kst 3205 Leibniz
Kst 3206 Pascal
Kst 3207 Pierre De Fermat
Kst 3208 Pythagoras
Kst 3209 Rene Descartes
Kst 3210 Riemann
Kst 3211 S. Ramanujam
Kst 3212 Varah Mihir
Kst 3213 Zeno of Elea
                  Projector Slides on Mathematics.
                  2" X 2" Coloured 35mm Projector Slides On Mathematics
Kst 3214 Set of 100 Slides.
Kst 3215 Pythagoras' Model
                  It Is An Acrylic Model Of About 1 Ft. Size. The Largest Square Is Filled With Fine Sand.
                  The Model Will Be Mounted On Vertical Frame in the Way That It Can Be Rotated
                  To Transfer Sand From Largest Square to Other Two Squares.
Kst 3216 Conic Sections
                  Wooden Model Of About 12.Sons Height. Four Horizontal Sections Can Be Pulled Apart
                  To Show Hyperbola And Parabola, Circle And Ellipse. Set of 4 Showing Different Shapes.

Mathematics Kit Senior, Pythagorus Theorem, Mensuration Kit, Charts for upper Primary